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We've been Featured!!

May 22, 2018  •  1 Comment


Well, hello there!

This week I am so excited to share that two of my sessions have been featured in an amazing magazine that has been creating some beautiful content.  Toffee and Honey Magazine is an all-inclusive magazine for photographers that features professional articles, tutorials, and photo inspiration.





The body positive "Imperfect Perfection" Project spearheaded by the fabulous Eyes of Venus MUA made the cover of Toffee and Honeys May issue!





And inside my milestone, milk bath session was included as well, with the lovely Hubbard ladies bonding and celebrating 1 year of breastfeeding success!

I am overjoyed at being featured on such a groundbreaking magazine and look forward to all the content Toffee and Honey will continue to produce! 


For more of the 'Imperfect Perfection" Project click here to be taken to the blog post dedicated to that very special photo shoot.


And to see the behind the scenes click this link to head over to Eyes of Venus MUA Blog post.


Check out the magazine in all its glory here feel free to support by purchasing a copy of the magazine as well!! 

Toffee And Honey Magazine 



I am so happy to share some of that excitement with you here. Hope you enjoy the pictures!






these are epic!! Congrats!
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