Bethany E. Photography | What does a doula do?


  • A complimentary interview to determine if I am the right doula for you. Birth is an intimate experience and only those you are comfortable and feel safe around should attend your birth. It is very important to me and my doula philosophy that the dad/partner or labor partner is at this meeting. It’s very casual and we usually chat for 45-60 minutes.  I suggest that you interview several doulas to find the right doula for you! If I am unavailable for your estimated due date I am happy to refer you to other doulas. 
  • Lending Library. Birthing and parenting books are available to borrow from my library. I lend most of my clients at least 3 books.
  • Birth Preferences & Planning.  I will answer your questions about different options in childbirth and new baby care and will help you write them down if requested. I provide a template you can use to formulate your birth consent.
  • 36 week in home prenatal visit. I like to meet with you and your labor partner twice before labor.  Around your 36th week of pregnancy, I visit you in your home and we will become better acquainted, explore and discuss your birth preferences, discuss any fears or concerns, and plan how we might work best together as a team. We go over prenatal exercises to ease discomforts and aid in optimal fetal positioning, comfort measures for labor and more. This visit usually lasts 2-3 hours and is tailored to suit your family’s specific needs and desires.
  • 24/7 email availability throughout your pregnancy and 24/7 phone support the month of your due date
  • Continuous birth doula support as soon as you request it. I will meet you at your home or your place of birth when my assistance is requested (usually once active labor has been established) and stay 2-3 hours after your baby is born.
  • Birth Photography. I am a professional birth photographer and combine services if you have arranged this prenatally. My first priority as your doula is supporting you and your birth team and I take photos when time allows. Almost all of my clients combine services and are very satisfied with the outcome. If you do not desire professional photos but still want to document the birth, I am willing to take photos with your iphone or camera when time allows. (no images are ever shared without express permission and preview).
  • Comfort techniques during labor including: verbal encouragement & reassurance, massage, aromatherapy with therapeutic essential oils, relaxation & pain management techniques, positioning suggestions, plus information about medical procedures when needed.
  • Post-birth care. I will stay after your birth for 2-3 hours to help with initiating breastfeeding I am a certified lactation specialist, retrieving or preparing food, taking photos & writing notes, and anything else you may need. 
  • Back-up doula availability. In the unlikely event that I am unable to attend your birth due to unforeseen circumstances, I have several back up doulas in the area available to support you with the services described.
  • Referrals for post-partum support including breastfeeding, tongue & lip tie, homepathic remedies, parenting topics, and more. 
  • One In Home Postpartum visit 2-14 days after your birth to assist with any breastfeeding and/or parenting questions. 
  • A written birth story documenting your baby’s birth. This is in a timeline format, not paragraph/story form. I believe it is best to only present the facts and let the parents write their own story when they are ready.
  • New Mommy support. You are always welcome to call, text, or email me with questions!